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i-REP-Naviscreen Browsing
i-REP screens are simple enough for even the basic computer user to navigate with ease. When your customers want to review their current policy(s) they simply go to your Website, click on the customer service page, and log into i-REP with their username and
password, that you assign them, then they are able to choose from online services they wish to perform.

ASP Subscription Service
TTG will host the i-REP tool on it's own servers, thus not requiring the agency to purchase additional equipment. The agency's Website and TTG's i-REP tool will form a symbiotic relationship online, transparent to any user of the agency's Website, thus relinquishing the agency from any servicing of the i-REP system.

i-REP Response Tracking
Run daily or weekly reports to track each i-REP action. These reports will be generated directly from your suspense and will help determine your continued return on investment. By understanding the service habits of your customers and measuring i-REP's activity you may anticipate future needs proactively.

"I-REP saves your agency time and money while providing your customers with a valuable tool to help them manage their lives."

i-REP Security
TTG has dedicated substantial time and resources to ensure that adequate firewalls have been constructed to address all security issues and to fully protect agency data. All data shown on the screen is transmitted entirely from the agency's AfW SQL server and is up to the second in terms of how current the information is. No information is stored on i-REP. Every time information is displayed it is called directly from the AfW database.
Agency Administration of Interactive Functions
i-REP goes beyond basic security procedures to allow your agency to enable or disable certain functions per customer or per agency guidelines. This administration level will allow you to turn functions on/off like a switch, so the agency has control over the functions of i-REP. These features include;
  • Auto ID Card
  • Request New Certificate
  • Print Certificates of Liability
  • Add Certificate Holder
  • File Claim
  • Manage Drivers
  • Manage Vehicles
  • Submit Other Requests
  • View Policy Details
  • Manage Additional Interests

Please fill out the Request i-REP Demonstration form for your free, live demonstration of i-REP which connects to a real live "test" agency to see the performance and power of TTG's latest tool. Just another great i-Solution from TTG!


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