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Kempkey Insurance and Risk Management Services, Inc. licensed
i-REP in the summer of 2000 to add on to their existing Web site. Below are sample screens (Click link to view) of the successful launch of i-REP for Kempkey.

Kempkey was recently written up in the October Rough Notes Magazine about their niche market and  it discusses their 24x 7 customer service via the Web, TTG's i-REP.   Read the story

Introduction and Request Login Screens

Here, you can see how Kempkey changed the name of i-REP to "Customer Zone" for integration with their site. The welcome screen tells existing policyholders that they can either log into their accounts, or request logins by choosing a username and password.

The "Request Login" screen allows existing policy holders ("users") to make requests for their own login. i-REP checks the AfW database to make sure that the username is unique and then issue a suspense item to the CSR for them to issue the login, following their own internal protocol. No person can gain access to their account information through i-REP alone; they must have approval by the contact at the agency. This helps reduce risk of unauthorized access to client account information. Security is well thought out on each tool that i-REP offers to make sure privacy and network/data security is as complete as possible in today's environments.

Once the user has a login setup by the CSR, they can come back and log-in using their unique User ID and Password.

After the user logs into i-REP, there is a helpful "i-REP Assistant", complete with picture and detailed help information every step of the way. This helps aid user interaction and comfort levels.   It also cuts down on support that needs to be done by the agency with their customers. i-REP was designed by TTG to be extreemly "user-friendly" to even the most novice Internet users.

Welcome, Navigation & Change Info Screens

After the user logs into the system, they see the information that is available to them from i-REP. It includes all of their name and contact information, and displays the policy or policies that are covered by the agency. The insured can than choose to make a modification request of their contact information which creates a suspense for the CSR, or they can begin working with the actual policies themselves by selecting the policy they wish to work with and clicking the "next button".

All of the data shown on the screen is transmitted entirely from the agency's AfW server and is up to the nano-second in terms of how current the information is. No information is stored on i-REP. Every time information is displayed, it is called from the AfW database directly. This gives Kempkey complete control over the information stored on their customers and proactively addresses any security concerns.

Issuing Certificates of Insurance

When a user chooses a policy that has a certificate already generated in AfW, they can then re-generate the certificate from i-REP in real time. Simply by choosing the "Generate Certificate" button, the user can than either re-print an existing holder or can fill out basic information about the new certificate holder they wish to add. The necessary information is called directly out of AfW and the certificate is generated in a .pdf file for them to print out. Within AfW, any information about a new certificate holder is entered automatically to the certificate holders table and a suspense item is created so that the CSR knows of the issuance and may choose to follow-up if necessary.

The documents created cannot be modified by the insured, as the document is not editable like a typical word processor document. While it is an electronic file, it acts a great deal like a snapshot photograph of the document itself. This extra precaution helps reduce instances where insured's may change their policy information.

File a Claim

When some type of loss occurs to the insured, they can at any time report to i-REP and issue a simple statement, which acts as first notice of loss. They fill out basic information about the loss itself and the officials they reported the loss to. The user receives a friendly thank you screen that tells them their claim has been submitted, where they can then choose to file another claim if needed.

In addition, i-REP calls information contained about a claim so that the insured can log back in and check the status of a claim that is filed.

The information submitted by the insured is entered into the AfW claims table and a suspense item is generated for the CSR to take appropriate actions and issue the notice of loss.

Additional Information

If your agency has the IP address setup and the appropriate licensing (see i-REP Tech Specs and Requirements ), TTG can implement i-REP typically within 30 days or less. Actual pricing and development times will be set once some preliminary information is gathered by TTG's knowledgeable staff. You will be provided a quote for implementing i-REP that includes all components necessary, with no hidden charges.


Please fill out the Request i-REP Demonstration form for your free, live demonstration of i-REP which connects to a real live "test" agency to see the performance and power of TTG's latest tool. Just another great i-Solution from TTG!


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