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Tarbet Technology Group (TTG) specializes in the custom development of Agency Reporting Applications.

TTG offers Reporting as a Service as its primary method of meeting our customers reporting needs. 

What is Reporting as a Service? – Reporting as a Service relies on the expertise of TTG’s Engineers to design, develop, and deliver your report.

Why is this a better solution? – TTG Engineers have been working with the AMS databases for more than 15 years.  Additionally they have expertise in writing and delivering reports.  Your company is actually looking for a report to meet your needs not new technology challenges and new learning curves.  TTG will deliver the report and take away the technology challenges and any associated learning curves that other solutions have. 

Since 1995, TTG has offered the Insurance and Securities Industry

high-end consulting and software development services both on-line and off. We have developed custom report applications for the AMS for Windows®*, AMS 360*, and AMS Sagitta software using the latest internet and database technologies.  Below is a list of some of the latest custom reports TTG has developed.  We are in no way limited to this list and can work on your specific criteria for inputs, outputs, and filters.

We can work with all AMS 360 customers!!!!

Common Reporting Requests:

  • Production Reports
  • Customer Statements
  • Unbilled Premium Reports
  • Earned Premium Reprots
  • Broker Statements
  • Prepaid Premium Reports
  • Annualized Premium Reports
  • Cancellation Reports
  • Policy Retention Reports
  • New Business Reports
  • Production Reports that Balance to General Ledger 
  • Aged Receivable Reports 
  • Broker Receivable Reports
  • MGA Reporting
  • Borderaux Reports 

    Report Server:

  • A component of SQL Server.
  • High Performance.
  • Versatile Custom Reporting.
  • Access Reports Anywhere using the Internet.
  • Rich Formatting.
  • PDF and Excel Output
  • Automatically Email Reports on a Schedule.
  • Dynamic Filtering Features.

    Back Office Report Wizard:

  • Software Installs directly on Workstation.
  • Existing Library of Reports.
  • Custom Reporting Available With Complete Flexibility.
  • Filter Library Automatically Available With All Reports.
  • Advanced Formatting.

    Report Server Demo:

    The following AMS Report Server Demo by TTG contains sample reports designed by Tarbet Technology Group. TTG can access any field in the AMS systems and format them to achieve your business needs eliminating the need to export data or to use a pre-packaged field picker.

    • Report Server Demo Login
    • Username: amstest
    • Password: ttg2008
    • Because of limited sample data, use filters 01/01/2000 - 12/31/2000, All Customers, and leave # Days Blank.

    Please Contact Us for more information.

    *AMS for Windows® is a registered trademark of AMS Services, Inc.


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